7 sustainability tips for the cleaning industry

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Sustainability is no longer a trend, but a crucial pillar for modern companies, including within the cleaning industry. So is a review of innovation and sustainability in the cleaning industry. At CleanJack, we also focus on sustainability and we would like to motivate other companies to do the same. Therefore, we are happy to share tips to promote a greener, more environmentally friendly approach.

1. Eco-friendly cleaning products
Using eco-friendly products is central to a sustainable approach. CleanJack supports the shift to powerful, eco-friendly products that are both effective and have less impact on the environment.

2. Energy efficiency: minimize energy consumption
Efficient energy use is critical to sustainability. As you strive to minimize energy use in cleaning processes, you can implement energy-efficient technologies and staff awareness into the business.

3. Reuse and recycling of materials:
A crucial step toward sustainability is reusing and recycling materials. You can use recycled materials by reusing work clothes and cleaning equipment, for example. Or looking at how clothing and equipment are made. This can also be made from recycled plastic to reduce waste and maximize sustainability.

4. Sustainable investments: long-term solutions:
CleanJack believes in sustainable investments that provide long-term value. Selecting materials and equipment that are long-lasting and easily repairable not only minimizes waste, but also ensures efficient and sustainable operations.

5. Continuous innovation:
Continuous evaluation and innovation are important to CleanJack. We continue to search for new methods and materials that can further reduce the carbon footprint and strive to continuously improve our processes for a cleaner future.

Innovation and sustainability also has to do with security. Consider information security, for example. To comply with certain regulations as well, we have obtained ISO certification, for example. This shows that we meet the standards for information security.

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