Attendance registration apps for regular cleaning

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The CleanJack attendance tracking app is a convenient tool for cleaning companies that allows them to always be connected with their employees at any work location. The App can be easily installed on Apple or Android phones and allows employees to be quickly and efficiently assigned and informed of their duties and concerns.

How does the CleanJack time registration app work for regular cleaning?

When employees arrive at the location, they can simply clock in by holding their phone against the start sticker. The start time is automatically recorded and employees are informed of their work and any areas of concern via the clock system App. This ensures efficient planning and execution of work and prevents miscommunication between employees and the cleaning company.

The timekeeping app also allows cleaning companies to keep track of the progress of the work and resolve any issues quickly. For example, cleaning companies can use the app to record the start and end times of work, check that all tasks have been completed and resolve any problems or complaints immediately. This contributes to higher customer satisfaction and more appreciation for the cleaners.

Clock system app from CleanJack is the complete solution

The CleanJack attendance tracking app offers a complete solution for cleaning companies that want to ensure efficient planning and execution of work, better communication with their employees and higher customer satisfaction. It is a valuable tool for any cleaning company that wants to stand out in the market and provide the best service to its customers. Find out more about the time tracking app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone has a mobile phone, no one leaves home without one. The choice for an App is then obvious. There are also points to consider when using an App. Do you want your employees to register their working hours with their own private telephone or with a company mobile phone? A private telephone means that the employer does not have to invest in devices at the beginning. Companies that want to make operational management easier and for whom the reliability of the data is important (for example if the clock times are used for the registration of more or less work and associated wage supplements or discounts) it is advisable to have a mobile phone from the business or a CleanJack handheld terminal.

Downloading the CleanJack App is free.

For a low usage fee per month you are assured of a stable, safe and reliable system and you automatically always work with the most recent software version. The usage fee depends on the number of cleaners and the number of locations. Request a customized quote here.

The App works on mobile phones that support Android or IOS (Apple). The information from the stickers can be read with NFC.

If you have an Android phone, you can easily download the App from Google Play. If you have an Apple phone, you can easily download the App from the Apple Playstore.

Yes, in such a case you stick a control sticker at each control point. For example, consider measuring the cleaning frequency of toilet rooms or the top floor when cleaning stairwells, or a hotel room, a hospital room, individual apartments within an apartment complex and so on.