Attendance registration software including the link with Check In And Out @Work (CIAO)

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To meet the obligation, it is essential to have a system that integrates seamlessly with Check In and Out at Work (CIAO).

CleanJack offers a smart solution for this. With the CleanJack App, cleaners can easily check in and out with their smartphones. The registrations are automatically forwarded to the CIAO system of RSZ | ONSS. The process is practical and efficient.

CleanJack also offers the possibility of badging in and out with a badge on a fixed clock box. The clock box on the work site is connected to the CleanJack management system and the CIAO system.

CleanJack makes recording start and finish times on the job site super easy for your employees this way.

How it works

In CleanJack, you register once the data of your employees and the construction sites where they work. Stick a start and stop sticker on the work site and voilà: you can get started. Your employees simply put the free CleanJack App on their phones via Google Play or Apple’s Appstore.

The CleanJack support team will help you get started from start to finish. They know exactly how it works and will take a big worry off your hands.


Call today for an appointment: 03 3611739 or request the CleanJack CIAO information package.

For what activities is registration required?

It applies to all activities aimed at cleaning a property for a third party, regardless of the scope of the contract.

The legal basis for attendance registration in the cleaning sector can be found in the Program Law of 26/12/2022, Title 4, Chapter 1, art. 22 to 48, and Chapter 2, art. 49 (§9 art. 30 bis of the Law of 27/06/69).

Want to quickly start with time registration and comply with the new rules in Belgium?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check In And Out @Work is an attendance registration system specifically used in the Belgian construction sector. CleanJack easily integrates with Check In And Out @Work to ensure you meet all legal requirements for attendance registration.

Our system is set up with Belgian legislation in mind and ensures that you meet all legal requirements for attendance registration.

Check In And Out @Work is a mandatory online service for employers and contractors performing work in real estate or workplaces. The purpose of Check In And Out @Work is to record employee attendance.

It works as follows: upon arrival at the workplace, employees log in at the clock-in terminal. This can be done with an ID card, badge or App. The terminal registers attendance and sends the data to Check In And Out @Work. The same applies to when employees clock out again.