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Clocking in and out at work for cleaning companies:

As a cleaning company, it is especially important starting this year to comply with new regulations regarding timekeeping in the workplace. With the new legislation going into effect this year, online recording of working hours will become a requirement. Not only for employers, but also for subcontractors in the cleaning sector, among others. With a time registration system, clocking in and out for cleaners becomes very easy and you can effortlessly comply with the new legislation.

Automatic declaration to NSSO via CIAO link

CleanJack offers an efficient and simple system that integrates seamlessly with the Check In and Out at Work (CIAO) system. Through the CIAO link in the time registration system, you automatically declare the registered working hours to the NSSO. This allows you to comply with Belgian legislation without spending extra time on this.

Check in and out at work: new regulations for the cleaning industry

With the recent introduction of new regulations for the cleaning industry, it is now more crucial than ever for cleaning companies to comply with requirements for clocking in and out at work. CleanJack offers a simple solution that fits perfectly with this new legislation, allowing you to comply with NSSO’s Check In and Out at Work (CIAO) requirements. Our time tracking software not only ensures compliance with the legislation, but also offers improved transparency, control and efficiency in the workplace. Make the switch to CleanJack today and take the first step toward full compliance with the new legislation and control of work hours.

Clock system with CIAO coupling:

Our clocking system with CIAO integration makes clocking in and out at work simple and efficient. With seamless integration with RSZ | ONSS’s Check In and Out at Work (CIAO) system, employees can quickly and easily register their attendance. All registrations are automatically forwarded to the CIAO system of RSZ | ONSS. This allows you to concentrate again on your business while we ease the administrative burden. This not only provides transparency for your company, but also prevents fines that can be imposed for non-compliance with legislation.

Installed and ready to use in 1 day

Time registration software that is arranged and ready to use in 1 day, that’s what CleanJack stands for! No complicated procedures and weeks of installations, with CleanJack everything is arranged and explained in one day. So you can immediately benefit from simple time registration and employees can easily register their attendance, giving you control over working hours and compliance with legal regulations. Whether it’s clocking in and out via smartphones with the CleanJack App or using drops and clocking-in boxes, our system offers the flexibility and reliability your company needs.

Fight fraud and avoid fines

Compliance with the new regulations is essential to avoid fines. Non-compliance can result in Level 1 or Level 3 penalties, with administrative or criminal fines ranging from €400 to €8,000 per employee. CleanJack offers the ability to combat fraud and ensure full transparency, protecting your business from unnecessary costs and legal problems. Be on time with arranging a timekeeping system.

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Check In And Out At Work


CIAO coupling

Time tracking software including Check in and Out at Work (CIAO) – link.

Declaration to NSSO

Work hours and data are automatically forwarded to NSSO | ONSS via the CIAO link

Clock in and out

Register working hours easily via the mobile app or with badges via a clock-in system.

Use convenience

A simple system that allows employees to quickly record their times.


The software is scalable and it can be adapted as the company grows.

Advantageous system

Whether you’re a small or large business, CleanJack offers an affordable time tracking system for any type of business.

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