CleanJack and the Education Procurement Group have entered into a partnership

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Schools have a lot to do with cleaning their buildings. It is important to provide a clean and safe environment for pupils and staff. Yet cleaning schools can sometimes be a challenge. That is why CleanJack, in collaboration with the Education Purchasing Group, offers a solution for schools to get a grip on cleaning. Online dashboard The CleanJack cleaning software allows schools to record work agreements and monitor at what times cleaning is done at which locations. This is done via an online cleaning dashboard. A registration terminal will be installed at the school location where cleaners can sign in and out using a “drop”. This allows schools to track the cleaning process and print out reports. The Education Purchasing Group, as a reliable partner of many educational organisations, assists schools in implementing the system. Using their procurement scan, schools gain insight into possible savings and are guided through the entire implementation. They ensure that schools hire their own cleaning team and can deploy it appropriately.   Using the CleanJack system offers schools several advantages. It makes it easy for cleaners to record and tick off their work, allowing schools to be confident that cleaning work is carried out as agreed. In addition, the system allows schools to make cleaning planning more efficient and better control costs. Clean and safe school environment with CleanJack The CleanJack system also contributes to a clean and safe school environment. By recording cleaning activities and using the drops, schools can be sure that only authorised persons are in the school and that cleaners have access only to the areas they need to clean. In conclusion, the CleanJack system offers a practical and efficient solution for schools that want to get a grip on cleaning and ensure a clean and safe school environment. Thanks to the collaboration between the Education Purchasing Group and CleanJack, schools can now take advantage of this unique offer and experience the benefits of the system. Read more about the Education Purchasing Group:
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