CleanJack App: Always have your work schedule handy and report tasks easily

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With the latest updates to the CleanJack App, it’s even easier for employees to manage their work and complete tasks. We are happy to highlight the two most important updates:

1. Always have your own work schedule at hand:

Never be unsure of your start and end times again? With the new CleanJack App, you always have your work schedule at hand on your smartphone. This way you know exactly where you need to be and when. This not only saves a lot of confusion, but also prevents unnecessary questions to operational managers.

2. Easily report (periodic) tasks:

With the new app, it’s a breeze to report (periodic) tasks. As soon as the employee checks in at the work location, the tasks that need to be carried out at that location appear on the smartphone. This makes it impossible to forget tasks and you are always assured of an optimal cleaning result.

Free demo & own house style:

Curious about how the new CleanJack App works? Then request a free demo now! We also offer our employee app standard in the house style of your company. This way you also radiate a professional and recognizable appearance with your app. Try it out today and schedule a demo right away!

The CleanJack App: an indispensable tool for every cleaner!

In addition to the above updates, the CleanJack App offers a number of other handy functionalities, such as:

  • Time registration: Employees can easily register their hours worked via the app.
  • Communication: Employees can communicate directly with planning via the app.

Want to know more?

Contact us for more information about the CleanJack App. We are happy to tell you more about the possibilities and how the app can optimize your business.

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