CleanJack’s drip system is changing the cleaning sector

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For cleaning companies striving for efficient planning and execution of their tasks, the CleanJack drop system offers an excellent solution. This advanced tool ensures that cleaning companies are always connected to their employees at every work location, enabling them to closely monitor the progress of tasks and promptly address any issues.

The CleanJack drop system: simplified check-in and timekeeping

The CleanJack drop system comprises unique ID key fobs that employees use to check in at the CleanJack wall terminal at the work site. Upon arrival, employees can effortlessly clock in with their unique ID key fob. The start time is automatically recorded, and through the wall terminal, employees are informed about their tasks and any specific points of attention.

Efficient tasks with the CleanJack wall terminal
The CleanJack wall terminal can be easily mounted on the wall and serves as a convenient tool for cleaning companies to accurately track task progress. Through the wall terminal, start and end times of tasks can be registered, ensuring that all tasks are properly executed. Additionally, any issues or complaints can be promptly addressed.

Improved communication and satisfaction
The CleanJack drop system constitutes a valuable tool for cleaning companies aiming for enhanced planning and execution of their tasks. These user-friendly systems contribute to higher customer satisfaction and increased appreciation for the effort of cleaners. Time and attendance tracking have never been easier.

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