CleanJack’s new digital dashboard makes cleaning more efficient and transparent

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CleanJack has introduced an online dashboard that tracks cleaning tasks in real time. The dashboard is designed to simplify and make cleaning of large buildings such as hotels, hospitals and bungalow parks more efficient. What does CleanJack’s dashboard offer? The dashboard offers insight into which cleaning tasks were performed when and by whom. It is useful for keeping track of the frequency of certain tasks, such as toilet cleaning, hotel rooms and boardrooms, but can also be used for cleaning bungalow houses, the top floor of the stairwell or a hospital bed. The system works by placing small RFID chips in various places that need cleaning. The cleaner need only briefly swipe his or her cell phone along the chip to complete the registration digitally. This allows real-time tracking of which tasks have been completed and which still need to be done. The dashboard not only provides transparency and insight, but can also help make cleaning more efficient. Through the data collected in the dashboard, companies can discover patterns in cleaning activities and use them to optimize planning and organization.   Dasboard available for various companies The dashboard is available for use by companies of all sizes and is easily integrated into existing cleaning systems. For more information and to view the system, visit CleanJack’s Web site.
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