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Cleaners are indispensable for schools. A school is a beautiful place filled with inspiring spaces, creativity and lots of children. This also creates a lot of germs and bacteria that you don’t want in schools. Children are still young and their resistance is still developing. So children are more susceptible to diseases. This makes it all the more important to keep a school clean. For that, we need good cleaners!

Without the efforts of cleaners, classrooms, toilets, the canteen and the rest of the school buildings would never be so clean. They are the weapon against invisible life-threatening viruses. There are many specialists in school cleaning maintenance. But how do you still keep an overview as a cleaning company. How do you know where your cleaners have been and whether they have cleaned adequately and in a structured manner? That is where CleanJack helps you. CleanJack is the digital tool for supporting the RIVM hygiene guidelines in educational institutions.

Grip on hours with CleanJack
With CleanJack, you always get a grip on the hours worked and scheduled. Small deviations hours have a big effect on the result. With just a small adjustment, you can achieve a lot and save costs. This way, as a cleaning company, you will never have discussions with the customer or employees about hours and salary payments. CleanJack makes it a lot easier for cleaning companies in education to get a better grip on operational processes. Discover now what it brings to your company.

But how exactly does it work?
The system is set up according to your company.
Work agreements are recorded in the online manager system.
Schedules and schedules are created.
Cleaners report to work locations and clock in with their app or the CleanJack wall terminal.

Managers can monitor the process in real time and make adjustments as needed.
When the cleaners finish, the end time is recorded and the tasks performed are reported.

The working times and tasks performed appear in the online manager system and reports roll easily out of the system.
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