GRIP Facility

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GRIP Facility is the digital facility & cleaning contract manager. Digitalisation creates data-driven processes around contract management in facility and cleaning management. GRIP Facility’s app ensures the best possible use of staff and it provides insights and data to keep optimising contracts. GRIP Facility’s vision is: Digitising key facility & cleaning information to ultimatility and enhance user expierence in buildings and sustainable people management.” Anything that can be digital, they want to make digital. Think, for example, about performing work, turns, cleaning checks and calculations. In the time of staff shortages, automate all your processes to leave time for other important things in your business.

The contract management platform consists of a number of applications that provide digitisation. The four core applications are:

1. Financial contract management

Determining invoice amounts and budget hours, calculating rooms, floor maintenance and window cleaning turns and keeping all agreed rates up-to-date.

2. Cleaning control

With GRIP Facility’s DKS application, it is possible to realise and monitor cleaning controls easily and quickly.

3. Dashboard & notifications

GRIP Facility’s dashboard gives you insight into the progress of performance. Create clear reports together in the KPI dashboard and collect all data and link them to other important objectives.

4. Audit application

Digitise all facility measurements with the GRIP Facility audit app. For example, think about specific cleaning measurements and mystery visits.

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