As of Sept. 1, 2024, presences at work must be registered in the cleaning sector in Belgium.

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For this registration, the National Social Security Office (NSSO) introduced a new online service in September 2024: Check In and Out at Work.

What exactly does attendance registration entail?
Employees, self-employed persons, temporary workers and trainees are obliged to register the start and end of their activities. So they must check in at the work location when they start work and check out when they stop work. They also have to register the breaks.

As an employer or client, you share the responsibility for registration with the person carrying out the cleaning work. Every cleaning company must inform its staff about the registration obligation and provide a system with which their people can register. The cleaning company is also responsible for the correct transfer of the data to the RSZ.

Where is attendance registration mandatory?
Registration is mandatory for activities ‘the purpose of which is to clean immovable property on behalf of a third party’.

For a work location where registration is required, you must also submit a Declaration of Works in advance. The registration obligation for cleaning activities applies regardless of the contract size.


Check In and Check Out at Work: new online service for attendance registration
In Check In and Out at Work, as an employer you can consult the registrations of your staff.

With the CleanJack App, registration is simple and effective. Every cleaner can install the CleanJack App on their own phone for free via Google Play or Apple’s Play Store. The registrations are automatically entered into the CIAO system via the CleanJack system. That really works a lot easier.

CleanJack also offers a solution where staff can check in and out with a badge. In this case, a clock box is placed at the work location. The clock box is connected to the CleanJack management system and the CIAO system.

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