How does CleanJack help keep track of cleaning staff?

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In a world that never stands still, keeping track of your cleaning staff is a crucial factor for success. CleanJack offers an advanced solution that transforms the way cleaning companies work. CleanJack can help your company keep track of your cleaning staff and plan them. Let’s delve deeper into how CleanJack can do this.

Real-time insight into presence
CleanJack offers a direct view of the presence of your staff. With real-time data at your disposal, you can quickly respond to changing circumstances. This means that you can adjust the hourly schedule based on actual needs, preventing over or understaffing.

Automatic alerts and reminders
CleanJack’s system can be programmed to automatically generate alerts for situations such as late arrival or early departure of employees. These reminders ensure that you can intervene quickly to prevent disruptions to the schedule.

Optimization of employee deployment
With CleanJack you can optimally deploy the available workforce. By taking into account the abilities and specialties of your employees, you can assign them to tasks where they will be most effective. This results in a more efficient and productive work environment.

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