New App from CleanJack: Here’s why cleaners can’t live without it anymore

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At CleanJack, we strive to provide cleaning companies, CoE companies, education and people in healthcare with the best tools for cleaning needs. That’s why we are introducing newest CleanJack App. An indispensable tool for cleaners.

The countdown has started
We are hard at work putting the finishing touches on the CleanJack App. But we are happy to show you some of the new App in advance.

CleanJack App

What’s new.
With the new CleanJack App, cleaners have all the work information they need at their fingertips:

Personal work schedules: View your schedules for today and the coming weeks.
Specific cleaning tasks: Receive task lists by location.
Work hour tracking: Easily keep track of your work hours.
Summary of hours worked: View your hours worked over a specific time period.
Above you can see some examples of the new App.
– The first image shows the screen you see when you open the App. Here you can either choose to clock in or one of the other functions.
– The second picture shows the screen you see when you choose Start (clocking in).
– The third picture shows the schedule for a day or a week.
– The fourth picture is an example of a full schedule.
– The last picture is an overview of the clock times. That way you can see when you worked and that way you can easily check your paycheck. That way you never have any discussion about hours worked.


An indispensable partner
The CleanJack App is not just another addition to a cleaner’s arsenal – it is a necessary tool that:

Increases efficiency: By making crucial information instantly available, the App minimizes delays and optimizes work time.
Ensures accuracy: With error-free recording of hours worked and clear task lists, the app improves professional standards.
Collaboration simplifies: With direct communication, the app enhances collaboration between cleaners and supervisors, resulting in better execution of tasks.

Stay informed
Keep an eye on our social media, website and newsletters for the exact launch date of the new CleanJack App. Get ready to improve your cleaning routine with our handy and indispensable app.

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