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CleanJack is a system used for timekeeping and access control in the cleaning industry. An important advantage of CleanJack is that it can be easily linked to other systems, such as accounting programs and payroll systems. An example of this is But also with Check In And Out @Work, an online service for accurately recording attendance at the workplace.

Having a link to other systems can offer many advantages for businesses. First, it eliminates duplication of effort. Data entered into one system is automatically transferred to the other system. This means less time and effort is required to collect and process data, improving the efficiency of the business.

Advantage of linking system with CleanJack

Another important advantage of linking a system with CleanJack is that it reduces the risk of errors. When data is transferred manually from one system to another, there is always a risk of errors. With a link between the systems, these errors are minimized, ensuring more accurate and reliable records.

CleanJack has links to the major systems in the market, including accounting programs and payroll systems. This means that companies using these systems can easily integrate CleanJack into their daily work processes. Companies not yet working with any of these systems need not worry. Through the CleanJack API, it is possible to interface with virtually any system.

CleanJack pairing with Check In And Out @Work

With respect to Check In and Out at Work, a crucial service for recording workplace presences, CleanJack offers a seamless integration to meet the mandatory registration requirements for the cleaning industry as of Sept. 1, 2024. This integration offers Belgian companies the freedom and flexibility to use CleanJack in a way that best suits their specific needs, while complying with regulatory requirements for attendance registration and the Declaration of Work.

Freedom and flexibility in using CleanJack with other systems

The CleanJack API allows companies to integrate CleanJack’s functionality into their own software or applications. This means that Belgian companies can develop their own custom solutions using CleanJack’s data and features. This gives companies the flexibility and freedom to use CleanJack in a way that best suits their specific needs.

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