Planning and online dashboard

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Dashboard en planning

Regular cleaning maintenance, periodic tasks, specialist work: everything can be planned far in advance at once. With CleanJack this is easy and you can also respond flexibly to daily changes.

Clear views of the planning

An important part of CleanJack is the online dashboard. This dashboard offers cleaning companies a clear and graphical representation of planning and tasks. Smart filters allow companies to easily zoom in on specific tasks or employees and quickly see the status of a task. The dashboard is equipped with intuitive features that allow you to easily make changes to the schedule or add or remove tasks.

Employees of cleaning companies are classified via one digital agenda. This means that all employees can see at a glance which tasks they need to perform and when. This reduces the chance of double appointments or miscommunication and allows employees to work more efficiently.

Link tasks to customers

CleanJack also offers the option to link tasks to specific customers or locations. This allows companies to see at a glance which tasks need to be performed for a specific customer and how long these tasks take on average. This makes it possible to make planning as efficient as possible and increase customer satisfaction.

CleanJack offers valuable cleaning software for cleaning companies that want to optimize their planning and work more efficiently. The online dashboard provides a clear and graphical representation of the planning and tasks, while the digital agenda ensures that employees are always aware of their tasks and appointments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With CleanJack you can make a plan for the next 12 months. After a year, the planning is automatically extended and you can make the planning for the next 12 months.

Yes, with CleanJack you can plan repetitive tasks in advance. This can be useful, for example, for weekly cleaning tasks that need to be carried out at fixed times and days. Planning these tasks ahead will save you time from having to reschedule every week.

Met CleanJack hebben verschillende gebruikers toegang tot het online dashboard en de planning, elk met hun eigen specifieke rechten. De klant heeft bijvoorbeeld toegang tot het dashboard om de planning en voortgang van het werk te bekijken, terwijl de schoonmaakmanager toegang heeft tot de planning en de tijdregistratiegegevens van de schoonmakers kan bekijken en beheren. De schoonmakers hebben toegang tot de app om hun eigen tijdregistratiegegevens in te voeren en de planning te bekijken. De rechten van gebruikers kunnen worden beheerd en geconfigureerd door de beheerder van het systeem.

Yes, CleanJack allows you to adjust the schedule at any time, even after it has been published. For example, if there is a change in the availability of a cleaner or if additional tasks need to be added to the schedule, you can easily adjust this and publish the new version of the schedule. The cleaners are notified of this and can view their own tasks in the app.