Schools have started again: Go for a clean school year

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As schools begin another school year, it is time not only to welcome the students, but also to embrace smarter and more hygienic management of cleaning activities. CleanJack is the pioneer in timekeeping solutions. We offer a unique opportunity for schools to take both efficiency and hygiene to the next level. Optimise cleaning processes: With the hectic pace of a new school year ahead, it is crucial to keep cleaning processes streamlined. CleanJack’s advanced time tracking system allows schools to accurately track the time and attendance of cleaning staff. This allows cleaning activities to be planned and executed efficiently, resulting in a clean and safe learning environment. Raised hygiene standards: In today’s climate, hygiene is paramount. CleanJack allows schools to take their hygiene standards to the next level. Through real-time insight into cleaning activities, schools can ensure that critical areas are cleaned and disinfected regularly. This contributes to the health and peace of mind of both pupils and staff.   Transparency and accountability: CleanJack’s system offers benefits not only for schools, but also for cleaning staff. With transparent recording of hours worked, fair remuneration is guaranteed. Moreover, the system promotes accountability and performance improvement within the cleaning team. This way, we all work according to the rules. Make the switch now: Now that schools have started again, this is the perfect time to make the switch to CleanJack’s time recording solution. Increase efficiency, hygiene and transparency within your school environment. Contact CleanJack today and find out how your school can benefit from this innovative solution.
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