Schoonmaak Vakdagen 2023 

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The cleaning industry’s most prominent event is once again upon us. The Schoonmaak Vakdagen. On November 14 and 15, 2023 the Dutch cleaning industry gathers in Expo Houten for an unforgettable experience. With innovation, inspiration and networking as key points, the fifth edition promises to be a true spectacle. The annual event for cleaning professionals: The Schoonmaak Vakdagen is the place where everyone involved in the cleaning and facility industry comes together. Expo Houten will be buzzing with the latest developments and trends in the cleaning world. The two days offer an impressive line-up of exhibitors, inspiring speakers and fascinating knowledge sessions. Discover Cleaning Vakdagen with CleanJack: As the innovative force behind advanced timekeeping systems, we will also be at the event so you can get acquainted with CleanJack. Discover how we offer revolutionary solutions to optimize cleaning processes and take companies to the next level. Will we see you at the Schoonmaak Vakdagen? Register now:
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