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CleanJack is the right place if you are looking for high-quality software for cleaning companies, suitable for both small and large businesses. Our software is developed with the specific needs of cleaning companies in mind, as opposed to generic systems. We offer an affordable all-in-one package that improves cleaning, management, time tracking and control for cleaning companies.

Affordable and effective
Why choose CleanJack? We understand the needs of the cleaning industry and offer an affordable and effective software package designed specifically for cleaning companies. Whether you have a small, medium or large cleaning company, our software is affordable and scalable. Manage timekeeping, administration and scheduling without being a financial burden.

What can you do with our software as a cleaning company?

Cleaners are very satisfied with these functionalities:

Waar zijn schoonmaakbedrijven tevreden over bij CleanJack?
These cleaning companies have gone before you More than 150 cleaning companies have already gone before you and opted for the convenience of CleanJack. Just like DCS Schoonmaakorganisatie, says Shannen Bulk: “With CleanJack we know exactly what is going on at all locations. The hours are transparent and we can easily manage all employees at all locations with CleanJack. That transparency keeps everyone on their toes and gives us excellent control over what is happening.” CleanJack is recommended by professionals in the cleaning industry. Request a free demo today and discover for yourself the benefits of our software solution.
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