Specific software solutions for Belgian business needs

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Belgium is known for its diversity of sectors. This requires solutions that perfectly fit the unique needs of local businesses. CleanJack understands the need for customized software solutions that seamlessly integrate and optimize within the Belgian business environment.

Customized time and access management
Accurate time and access control are essential for efficient business management. We offer customized systems that not only comply with Belgian legislation, but also help companies effectively manage labor hours and ensure secure access to their facilities.

Cleaning management simplified
For the cleaning industry, streamlined management is important. CleanJack’s software is designed to reduce the complexity of cleaning scheduling, organize tasks and improve communication between teams. This results in increased efficiency and improved services for Belgian cleaning companies.

Compliance and targeted reporting
Regulatory compliance is a top priority for Belgian companies. Our software offers customized solutions that are perfectly in line with local regulations. Even with the new rules as of Jan. 1, 2024. With detailed reporting and tracking capabilities, companies can effortlessly manage their compliance processes.


Seamless integration and support
One of the biggest challenges when implementing new software is integration with existing systems. CleanJack strives for smooth integration and provides dedicated support for a seamless experience, allowing companies to benefit from our solutions without hiccups.

In a world where standard solutions are no longer enough, CleanJack strives to support Belgian companies with customized software that perfectly fits their unique needs. We believe in delivering tools that not only provide efficiency, but also contribute to growth, compliance and improved business performance.

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