Time and attendance registration

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Tijd- en aanwezigheidsregistratie in de schoonmaakbranche

Time registration is the way to have and keep an overview. Registering the presence of employees checking in and out is important for your company and for various processes within your organization. You just don’t want to spend too much time on it. CleanJack makes time registration easy and fast. With this time registration software you can easily and simply register and process the hours worked by your employees. This way you not only have insight into working hours, deviations and the presence of employees, but also into the completed tasks that are automatically stored safely. This data is all accessible in real time via the online dashboard and mobile application. This way you have more time for the core tasks within your company instead of the administration surrounding the time registration of your employees. This way you always have insight and control over the organization.

Clock in and out

All employees receive a tag with which they can clock in and out. We place the stickers or a CleanJack terminal on location so that they can easily clock in and out. Employees can clock in with the app or with a tag. This may differ per location. Do you prefer a sticker per room or do you only want to hang a terminal upon entry? It’s all possible.

Cost reduction

Registering working hours and the presence of your employees can provide important information. You not only receive the right information for error-free payment, but also many insights to effectively adjust your organization. With this software you improve the quality of your time registration and you miss less turnover. This means optimal cost control for your company. It is a user-friendly solution. The clear dashboard and the handy app make this a lot easier and clearer.


Quick and easy to use via your app on your phone.
Always insight into the hours of the employees.
Easy to connect to any system.
No more discussion about hours worked.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Within the European Union, every company is obliged to provide a system with which employees can register their working hours. This is, among other things, to comply with the rules for working hours and rest times. Companies must keep registered working and rest times for 5 years. Employees must also be able to check their own times. Digitizing the registrations is the most practical, reliable and cheapest way to meet these requirements.

At larger locations, tags are usually used. Employees then register by holding the tag against a clock box at the work location. This produces reliable registrations and is easy to use. Managing the system with tags and wall terminals is very simple.

If you are dealing with multiple small work locations, an app on your phone offers a solution. A start and stop NFC sticker is then placed at each work location. Employees register their start and end times by briefly holding the phone against the sticker.

A CleanJack employee can advise you when choosing an App or tag.

Time registration can improve the quality of service in several ways. First, it can ensure that employees are aware of the time they spend on different tasks. This can help them plan their work better and work more efficiently. Secondly, time tracking can provide insight into which tasks take more time than expected and where improvements may be needed. This allows companies to optimize their processes and increase efficiency. Third, time tracking can help monitor employee performance, allowing companies to ensure consistent quality of service.

In principle, time registration can be applied to any company, regardless of the industry. Many companies already use time and attendance systems to track employee hours. It can be especially useful for companies with flexible working hours, where it is important to accurately record hours worked. In addition to the cleaning industry, other sectors, such as the catering industry, retail and healthcare, also use time registration systems to keep track of the working hours of their staff.