Time tracking increasingly popular: Many Belgian workers favor

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Flexible working has become unthinkable in many companies. More than that, it is often a breaking point for job applicants when it appears that flexible hours are non-negotiable. There are mainly advantages in terms of productivity and a better work-life balance. But: then as an organization you have to be more time conscious. Do you already have a time registration system?

A solid morning meeting, then clearing your head at the gym and then working hard for a few more hours. This used to be unthinkable, but in many companies such a flexible work schedule is now well established.

Flexible working: The new normal
Covid has certainly accelerated flexible working. Meanwhile, the benefits are well known, among employers and employees alike. The latter group absolutely does not want to go back to earlier times, partly because it allows them to better combine work and family. Consequently, more flexibility is a must in the current war for talent.

On the other hand, in times of high inflation and rising labor costs, employers are looking for more efficiency and optimal performance. Enter: time tracking. By accurately scheduling and tracking time, HR gains greater insight into available capacity. Changing work schedules, overtime and so on can be tracked more easily and quickly. Calculating costs also becomes a lot easier and more accurate.

In short, a short-term policy or ad hoc process to build in flexibility is no longer enough. Today we notice a growing need for strategic and structural processes. The CleanJack clock-in system offers that step toward professionalization.

What is CleanJack’s clocking-in system?
A drip clock system is an advanced tool for time and attendance management. You gain that time and efficiency through timekeeping (also called time and attendance), staff scheduling, task management and strategic workforce management, among other things.

Time and attendance: Insight without supervision
Employees still often associate time registration with ‘control’. But the reverse is also possible: a monitoring tool gives employers an overview of time worked and thus more insight into the workload. Is your organization running at full capacity or is there still room? If so, where? Or still: who is working more than is good? By adjusting your staff planning in time, you will help prevent drop-outs.

Many Belgian employees support time registration
Is everyone’s head in the right direction? Time registration is actually impossible to imagine without. Especially now that the rules are changing and in September we will be required to clock in and out with a time registration system.

Thus, the fact that employees are consciously concerned with their working time does not automatically mean that they actually record their time. It turns out, however, that time registration has a beneficial effect on the balance

Moreover, by putting your employees themselves behind the buttons, personnel planning becomes a shared responsibility of the entire company.

CleanJack: Your partner in time registration
At CleanJack, we understand how important it is to support flexible working with efficient time tracking systems. Our solutions are designed to help companies accurately plan and track time, leading to greater insight, increased productivity and better work-life balance for employees. Invest in time tracking and discover how CleanJack can help your business grow.

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