Timekeeping in the cleaning industry: Smart systems for success

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Timekeeping is best known in the cleaning industry. Cleaners clock in when they arrive on site and out again when they are finished. This is the case in many countries, but especially in Belgium where accuracy and reliability are of great importance.

For cleaning companies, efficient timekeeping not only means better organization and planning, but also cost savings and higher customer satisfaction. In this blog, we discuss the importance of timekeeping in the cleaning industry and how CleanJack helps optimize these processes.

The importance of accurate timekeeping
Accurate timekeeping helps cleaning companies use their resources more efficiently. By knowing exactly how much time each task takes, companies can optimize their schedules. In this way, they ensure that personnel are in the right places and at the right times. This leads to better organization and increased productivity.

Cost control with CleanJack
In the cleaning industry, labor costs are a large part of total costs. Accurate timekeeping ensures that companies only pay for hours actually worked. This prevents overpayment and helps with budget management. Moreover, it helps identify inefficiencies so that they are addressed to further reduce costs.


Transparency and accountability
Transparency is important for both employers and customers. With accurate timekeeping, companies can provide detailed reports to their customers, showing exactly how much time was spent on cleaning tasks. This increases customer confidence and satisfaction. In addition, employees can be held accountable for their working hours, leading to higher levels of discipline and reliability.

Compliance with laws and regulations
Belgian labor laws impose strict requirements for timekeeping, especially regarding overtime and rest periods. Accurate timekeeping helps companies comply with these legal requirements, avoiding fines and legal problems. Want to learn more about how to work with CleanJack according to RGZ rules? Then click on: https://cleanjack.be/werk-volgens-de-regels-rsz-onss/

How CleanJack helps with digital timekeeping
CleanJack offers an advanced timekeeping system designed specifically for the cleaning industry. This system allows employees to easily clock in and out via their smartphone or a dedicated device at the workplace. This ensures accurate and reliable recording of hours worked.

Real-time monitoring
CleanJack allows managers to monitor their staff’s hours worked in real time. This helps quickly identify any problems, such as tardiness or abandonment, so they can be addressed immediately.

Detailed reporting
CleanJack generates detailed reports that can be easily shared with clients. These reports include information on hours worked, tasks completed and any discrepancies. This increases transparency and helps build trust with clients as mentioned earlier.

Integration with payroll
CleanJack can be easily integrated with existing payroll systems or other systems such as Loket.nl This ensures a seamless transfer of timekeeping data, making payroll more efficient and error-free.

User-friendly interface
CleanJack’s system is user-friendly and requires minimal training for both managers and cleaning staff. This makes implementation easy and ensures that everyone can get up and running with the system quickly.

In the cleaning industry, accurate timekeeping is essential for optimizing efficiency, controlling costs, increasing transparency and complying with regulatory requirements. CleanJack offers a comprehensive solution that helps cleaning companies improve their timekeeping and optimize their operational processes. By investing in a reliable time tracking system like CleanJack, cleaning companies in Belgium can not only increase their productivity, but also strengthen their competitive position. Do you have any questions about this? Then get in touch with us.

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