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An Owner’s Association (VVE) often has to deal with complex property maintenance work, such as façade cleaning and grouting repairs. It is important that these tasks are performed by experts to prevent overdue maintenance and the property from looking unkempt. Cleaning VVE properties is not an easy job and therefore requires specialized cleaners who perform various tasks such as window washing, floor maintenance, cleaning maintenance and deep cleaning. Insight and timekeeping Cleaning activities often take place on different floors and in different rooms and locations. To keep the work orderly and to show customers where the cleaners have been, insight and time registration is of great importance. With CleanJack, hours and tasks can be tracked easily and transparently per project. This not only makes the hours transparent, but also ensures that most of the costs are manageable. This way you can comply with the new legislation in Belgium in which it is mandatory to register time.   Benefits for cleaners In addition to the benefits for boards and managers, CleanJack also offers benefits for cleaners. They get to see tasks and feedback from the clients at the start of the work on the CleanJack display or in the app on their phone. As a result, they know exactly what needs to be done and where extra attention needs to be paid. It is also important for the cleaners that their timesheets are always neatly maintained. This is done digitally and automatically at CleanJack, which prevents errors and ensures that the timesheets are always up-to-date. All in all, cleaning VVE real estate is not an easy job and requires the necessary expertise and transparency. With CleanJack, this expertise and transparency is guaranteed, ensuring that the board and managers as well as the cleaners benefit from a streamlined process. As a result, properties can always look cared for and clean, and residents can enjoy their living environment to the fullest. As an owner or manager of a VVE, why should you use CleanJack? Read it in our blog: https://cleanjack.be/waarom-je-als-eigenaar-of-manager-van-een-vve-cleanjack-moet-gebruiken  
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