What are the advantages of connecting systems to CleanJack? 

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And another tool and another tool. It doesn’t stop. Nowadays you need a separate tool for everything you do for your company. And how do you get the information from one tool to the other? That is often not possible or is very difficult. You can easily connect CleanJack to various systems such as payroll systems or accounting programs. This way you never have to duplicate work and it ensures fewer errors. What are other advantages of connecting systems to CleanJack? 1. Time savings and no duplication of work With a link between CleanJack and another system such as Loket.nl, you no longer have to transfer data manually. What you enter in one system is automatically synchronized with the other system. This not only saves you time, but also minimizes the risk of errors that can occur with manual data entry. 2. Efficiency in data processing: By connecting your systems, you create a streamlined workflow. Employees can easily clock in and out in CleanJack, while the relevant data is automatically updated in your accounting program or payroll system. This promotes efficiency in your business processes and data processing. 3. Fewer Errors: Manual data entry always carries the risk of errors. With an automated link between CleanJack and your existing systems, human errors are kept to a minimum. This results in accurate and reliable data, which is of course important for your financial and operational decision-making. 4. Cost savings: By automating the transfer of data from CleanJack to other systems, you not only save time, but also costs that would otherwise be spent on manual administrative tasks.   5. Customization via the CleanJack API: Is the accounting program or payroll system that you would like to link to CleanJack not yet listed? No problem! Using the CleanJack API it is possible to easily create a connection. Would you like to know more about how you can connect your systems to CleanJack? Please feel free to contact us and our team is ready to help you.
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