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In Belgium, strict rules have been established by RVZ (National Office of Social Security) and ONSS (Office National De Securité Sociale) to ensure that employees are treated fairly and paid correctly for the hours they work. From April 1, 2024, timekeeping is mandatory in Belgium, a measure that forces companies to have a system for accurately tracking hours worked, such as a time clock or digital timekeeping.

With CleanJack, you comply with the legal requirements and regulations of NSSO and ONSS

CleanJack offers a cleaning software for digital timekeeping. This user-friendly system is fully compliant with European standards. This system can be seamlessly integrated into various sectors, including hospitality, cleaning and retail.

It is innovative and user-friendly system that complies with European regulations and can be used in various sectors, including hospitality, cleaning and retail.

As a CleanJack user, you work within the guidelines and regulations set for the cleaning industry. The system allows you to accurately track how much time you spend on specific cleaning tasks and which tasks have been completed. This allows you to work in a structured and professional manner, and meet the agreements you have made with your clients.

Easy to connect with other systems

The system is easy to use and can be interfaced with other systems companies use, such as payroll and scheduling. For example, consider

By using a system such as Cleanjack, a company can ensure that it is in compliance with regulations and that hours can be easily recorded. Whether a time clock is required depends on the specific regulations in a country, but in any case, a system such as Cleanjack can help ensure compliance.

Mandatory time registration made easy with CleanJack

Mandatory time tracking is effortlessly integrated into the daily work process with CleanJack. With its intuitive interface and advanced features, tracking working hours becomes a smooth and automated task. Employees can easily clock in and out, while employers gain insight into hours worked with just a few clicks.

By using CleanJack, you ensure that your company complies with the legal requirements of NSSO and ONSS. This means you’re not only working efficiently and accurately, but also in compliance with social security regulations designed to protect workers and ensure fair working conditions. So with CleanJack, not only are you compliant, but you are also assured of streamlined and transparent administration of working hours, saving you time and money while being fully compliant with legislation.

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